the Glider Waypoint Server Script

About WPServe

Explains the idea of WPServe and describes the WPServe glider waypoint database design.

Download Waypoints

These pages do not provide waypoints itself, but links to known WPServe installations are provided, together with other relevant links (such as TX)

Development Status

Read about the current status of development, what has been developed, what is being planned, and what is on the wish-list.

Tips & Bugs

Go here if you have want to report a bug in the software or one of the file formats, request a new feature or have documentation of a file format not (properly) provided by WPServe.

Download & Install

Provides a link to the download package, and explains how to download it on your web-server (unfortunately this has to be done manually)


Read the source code documentation, waypoint file specifications, and other relevant stuff.