Download and Installing WPServe


Software and Hardware Requirements

To run WPServe on your web-server, you need a web server that can run perl-scripts, and that is also running the mysql database management system.

WPServe has been developed to run on a Unix/Linux system, but can propably run on a windows web server as well.

It should also possible to run WPServe with another database management system, although you have to modify som database parameters in the header of the WPServe script to make this work.

Downloading WPServe

As of now, a package has not yet been prepared for downloading.  Meanwhile, the files may be obtained using CVS (see the SourceForge pages for instructions).

Installing WPServe

There's no automatic installation scripts, so you will have to do this manually. Systems are often configured differently, so target directories may be different on each computer. Unless you're an administrator yourself, you may want to get help from one, to make sure WPServe is set up correcly. Nevertheless, here is the recipe:

  1. Unpack the .tgz file. All files will be packed into a new directory called wpserve_<version>.
  2. Copy the files in the cgi subdirectory to your cgi-bin directory. Make sure it is executable.
  3. Create a wpserve directory in your web root, so its contents will correspond to the URL: "http://www.<>/wpserve"
  4. Copy the contents of the www subdirectory into your new wpserve directory
  5. Go to the sql subdirectory, and start a mysql client using the mysql root user (or any other user that has the priveledge to create new databases).
  6. Create and populate the database by executing the following .sql files in sequence
    • createdb.sql
    • createtables.sql
    • formats.sql

Populating the Waypoint Database

Now you need to populate the waypts, wplists and lsmbrs tables. Currently no script or application has been provided to populate this.  Untill that is in place, you have to do a bit of programming yourself to do that.

Meanwhile, you can populate the database from the wpno2007.sql file, to test whether the rest of the installation works.